Monday, December 29, 2008

From the Desk of James Dicks

There’s something very special that happens when you make a commitment – it’s almost like you become determined to restore something that will improve the base quality of your life. That’s why I’m urging everyone to “Commit in 2009!”

Commit to learn more about the various and diversified investment opportunities that are available to you, especially the Foreign Exchange (FOREX) market. To actually create profitable trades, there are specific issues you must consider – the rules, if you will, that will improve your possibility for success. I’m very proud of the fact that my company, PremiereTrade™, offers these highly developed training tools that will, if applied, help you build a solid foundation in the FOREX market.

The PremiereTrade® trainers and trading professionals are available to you daily via Internet-based audio educational “radio” programs through your PremiereTrade® AI software and daily video webcasts on the FOREX and equities markets on The James Dicks Financial Network ( We also offer DVD training, online webinars, individualized coaching sessions, as well as “in-house” classroom studies. Don’t overlook our monthly James Dicks™ FOREX Newsletter that includes pertinent articles highlighting opportunities in the FOREX market.

The recent stock market vulnerability has increased the number of people who are now investing in the FOREX and, if you haven’t done so already, I urge you to consider the benefits of trading the FOREX. The unique information in the monthly James Dicks™ FOREX Newsletter is a powerful tool and a vital link to your personal wealth and financial freedom.

Hey, investing isn’t about gambling – investing is avoiding risk while gambling is totally about risk. Before entering into any trade, you should, among other things, have your money management guidelines developed, understand your risk tolerance levels, and know your entry and exit points – no matter what the investment vehicle. If you follow this basic advice, you can be more confident that your emotions aren’t playing a part in the decision making process. By getting an education, you are more likely to use proper risk management and not arbitrarily throw your hard earned dollars at an investment opportunity just because you “feel” it is the right thing to do. By getting the data you need, you are accomplishing the required due diligence and analysis prior to entering any investment.

Make a commitment to yourself to become a successful investor in 2009. The employees of PremiereTrade™ are here to help you find your way along your personal financial path through motivational training programs that use a variety of media tools. Use our experts and their experience, visit JDfn, listen to our daily “radio” programs and find others in your local areas that also trade the FOREX; finding a local trading group can be a big help in your growth. I also invite you to read my bestselling book FOREX Made Easy.....Six Ways to Trade the Dollar. Be adamant about getting the education you need to build your trading abilities so you can improve your personal financial freedom. It’s important – Commit in 2009!